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  • Why should I donate?
    Good question! Your donation helps us act to change the way democracy works. Today, we can already determine, without a doubt, that representative democracy failed us. Politicians care more about their interests than these of the general population. They are stuck between the rich people who support their election campaigns and the people that vote for them. They choose to fulfill the demands of their rich donors, since it takes much more work to please many thousands of voters. Even politicians that have their voter's best interest in mind, face an outdated system in which decisions take too long and sometimes impossible to make not to mention their execution. This has to change! At the same time, democracy itself has many enemies. The strong and powerful that are doing all they can to become even stronger and hold more power. They are after our taxes, our money, our internet freedom, whistleblowers, they are after the world resources and nothing will satisfy their hunger. And while all this is happening, we hand over our decision-making power to these corrupt politicians. We have outsourced our decision-making capabilities and we must claim them back. The only way we can do it is to build a true direct democracy free of personal or money related interests. We must take the decision-making power back into our own hands. To come together and give the support to one organization that strives to return decision-making power to the people of the world. The Global problems of today cannot be solved by one country’s government. Global issues demand the cooperation of multiple countries at the same time. The global government will be constructed of experienced and experts in fields of education, transportation, economy, justice, security, and many more, who will act as ministers in the global parliament. For example, the problem of plastic in the oceans. The people can decide that each country gives a percentage of their GDP to a force recruited especially for the task of collecting the plastic. Then it will be the duty of the global government’s ministers to investigate and research this problem to the point of issuing a bill demanding the participation of all countries. Another reason to support the Global Online Democracy is that once this functioning decision-making system is running it will accelerate the problem-solution process around the globe. Problems like hunger, inequality, racism, violence, global warming, refugees, and many more will be addressed by the people of the world. Problems that most of us are already donating for their relief every month.
  • How can I be involved?
    Easy! Donations are what keeps us working. Without donations we cannot realise our purpose, so please consider becoming a donaor. Also, You can be involved actively or passively. Active: Be a Global online democracy ambassador – Talk about the movement with your friends and family. Schedule a meeting with us in your living room to hear more about what we do. Make sure you invite the people you care about. Contact us and see how your skills set can help us. Passive: Like our Facebook page. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Subscribe to our mailing list here on the site. Don't be shy to do all of the above 😊
  • How will the Decision supporting institutions be kept unbiased, objective and neutral?"
    People around the world need at least one source of relaible information. Our highest priority and efforts will be to keep the information in the problem page as objective as possible, based on research and expert opinions. An institution that will fail to deliver objective information and objective research, will be banned from leading a problem in the future and an announcement will be sent to the media.
  • How can I be sure that personal and money related interests do not affect the organization?
    The organization behind Global Online Democracy is structured as follows: 1. It is owned by the people of the world. 2. All the decisions within the organization are democratically voted by the people. 3. The organization is 100% transparent including salaries, strategies, financials, etc. 4. It is a non-profit organization. 5. It operates solely on donations.
  • Can the organization guarantee that decisions are based on knowledge?
    We trust knowledge and expertise as a tool to make good decisions. We believe a social worker with over 20 years of experience in the adoption of children knows best what are the problems in the system and what needs to be done to solve them, much better than someone who has no connection, expertise or affinity to this field. To guarantee that decisions are based on knowledge, we use an algorithm that increases the voting power of the user by calculating its affinity, knowledge, and expertise of the problem. But don’t worry, if a problem is still close to your heart or interests you, increasing your voting power is possible by reading and learning the information in the problem page. The more history, research, expert opinions, and narratives you learn about the problem, the more your voting power increases.
  • How will this model be implemented in different countries?
    It is quite straight forward but we need your help. To transform a non-profit organization into a political party that receives election budget and runs in the elections, the organization needs a few thousands of people to register as supporters. Our unique party will be based on a system where people are the decision-makers and the Global Online Democracy representatives only execute the people's decisions.
  • Is it possible to educate people to vote for the right solution?
    Yes! We will give the people all the tools they need to have to make good decisions. The problems we need to solve are ranked according to user engagement in the voting platform. This means that the more people are engaged with the problem page, the more effect it has on people’s lives and its importance grows. Once ranked high, the problem is sent to the Decision Supporting Institutions for processing. The Decision Supporting Institutions can either be a related university major or a research center with affinity to the problem. Once the problem arrives at the Decision Supporting Institution, a process begins by collecting relevant and objective information about the problem such as researches, statistics, different narratives, expert opinions, videos, history, financial data. All this will be uploaded to the problem page. The institution will then continue to upload relevant solutions to this problem. Voters will then read through the presented information and vote for the best solution. Before voting, they will have a chance to increase their voting power by increasing their knowledge about the problems.
  • What is the main purpose?
    In the heart of our organization lies the transfer of decision-making power from politicians to citizens. This way, the politicians are only executing legalization and policies set by the citizens. Therefore, citizens participate in democratic voting not for a politician but for a solution to a problem. Of course, politicians are still elected, but again, once in office they only execute the people’s decisions and do not have the ability to make decisions or change them. For example, you participate in a poll called “ban or allow dolphin hunt”. You decide to vote for banning the dolphin hunt immediately. If the voting results in a majority of votes for an immediate ban, the elected officials are obligated to make sure the law coming to effect within a reasonable time frame.
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